Check out these pieces of press that mentioned me.

“Out FM” WBAI 99.5 FM (New York)June 9, 2008

Go MagazineJune 12, 2008

GSpot Radio Show InterviewJune 29, 2009


2 thoughts on “Press

  1. 英語が解らないので、日本語ですいません。
    初めまして、K.I.C.E.Bushin です。
    日本でアーティスト活動してます。Redemption Song – Sukui No Uta – ではありがとうございました。この記事を見てリリースについて知らされていなかったのをびっくりしました。

    I am sorry for [ since he does not understand English ] Japanese.
    How do you do, it is KI.C.E.Bushin.
    Artist activity is carried out in Japan.
    Thank you in Redemption Song – Sukui No Uta -.
    Having seen this report and not having been told about a release was surprised.
    I am sorry truly [ although / which I connect if it is original / it was useless ].
    The music here and a remix are released with CD.
    I will connect the information there again.
    Moreover, if good, please hear it.
    And moreover, please carry out work さ together.

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