Still slowly unpacking from my move last month, I came across this gem from one of my sketchbooks. Some of y’all don’t know, but fun fact, I have a Bachelor Of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union, School Of Art. This was before that, however – I drew this when I was 16. Like LL, I was something like a phenomenon…who are we kidding, I still am. I do miss the smell of pencil graphite and eraser shavings. At some point, hopefully soon, I’ll begin to fill up my empty sketchbooks with drawings again. Then, I can see how far I’ve come…and maybe I’ll even share that journey with you. — #agirlcandrawtoo #artist #pencilsketches #llcoolj #highschool #renaissancewoman #stephaniegayle #potential #art #fineart #phenomenon

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