Behold, #thebeardedlady in the flesh! To think, someone attempted to use that on me negatively years ago (the Universe responded by firing him). My beard is unconventional and oh so natural, and I love it. Most people are confused by it. Women stare when I walk into the public restroom as if I have no place there – if you only knew the type of encounters I’ve had in public restrooms – some good, but most pretty uncomfortable. Whatever the case, I adore it because it is uniquely me. I didn’t have to go through any kind of medical treatment to get it, it naturally happened. My girlfriend loves the hell out of it and out of me, because I straddle this thin line of masculinity and femininity authentically. When I look in the mirror, I see a sexy individual worthy of love, respect, and appreciation just like anyone else. The world may not understand, but frankly, that’s their problem: I EXIST. DAMMIT, I’M BEAUTIFUL!! You can suffer slowly and painfully if you don’t think so. — #queer #lgbtqia #lgbt #intersex #lesbian #male #female #beauty #beautiful #spreadlove #beyou #authentic #original #unique #blessed #twospirit #special #amiracle #loveyourself #fuckwhattheworldthinks

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