Today, the world lost two beautiful souls – one I knew through their music, and the other personally. I am filled with profound and immense sadness because these two people sought to make the world a better place for so many other people, and to have their lives cut short is a tremendous loss for us all. Rest up @nipseyhussle – your light will shine through the ones that knew your purpose. @themonasymone – my close friend, my sis…words cannot express how heartbroken I am right now. To hear about your passing just as I was waking up today was like a punch to the gut. You were beautiful on so many levels, and you were one of my biggest fans, as I was yours. I’m thinking about your children, and I’m thinking about Michelle. Whatever I can do for you, I will make it happen. I love you, Mo, and I will miss you dearly, good friend. 💔 #gonetoosone #rip #nipseyhussle #monasymone #freddiesdaughter #thebrain #asocietyofthinkers

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