Interview With Steph In QN5 Fanzine #4 (FREE To Own)

Check out this downloadable fanzine from the loyal fans of independent Hip Hop label, QN5 Music, featuring an article about me! Also, learn more about the label artists themselves.


Click here to download the QN5 Fanzine #4 with Steph's interview

My bad, y’all, I’m soooo late with this one…well, I’m busy! The SapphicSoul EP is coming atcha soon and I’m on that! Forgive me. 🙂

The faithful fans of QN5 Music put together a free fanzine about their favorite artists for the rest of the world to read about. Fanzine Co-contributor Zack Edwards aka “Houstonz” came to me and asked to interview me about my future plans – and I happily accepted.

There’s so much jam-packed into this FREE fanzine besides my segment, that it would be a sin NOT to at least take a look! Check it out and drop me a line here. Again, you’ll learn some new things about me that you never knew (ex: how I met and befriended frequent collaborator Substantial).

Pick it up! You won’t be disappointed. Shotout to the ENTIRE QN5 Staff!

Author: Stephanie Gayle

R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Visual Artist/Graphic Designer from Brooklyn, NY by way of P.G. County, MD. Substantial's go-to vocalist, and that singing voice from the film, "LICKS".

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